HTP local databasing solutions

DJEEN Sequencing data Database

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DJEEN is a Joomla web based database solution for sequencing data that provides multiple layers of user authentication.


  • Designed as a RIMS , managing multiple data types thus may provide possibilities for a vast array of applications related to Laboratory information management.
  • Web based-Ease of access and information share
  • Multiple layers of user authentication


  • Not currently posible to upload data remotely to SRA.


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MISO graphs

MISO is the Lab Information Management System under construction at TGAC, it stands for Managing Information for Sequencing Operations.

Locally installable. Running on Java and an SQL DB. Will also be provided as a stand alone VirtualBox.

Its major strength is the updatability, and in a short term future possibilty to remote upload data directly to EBI-SRA.

It supports the schema of SRA.

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